Strategic Planning

What is strategic planning, and why should you do it?

Strategic planning is about putting you in charge of your business or non-profit organization for the longer term. Through this process, you identify internal strengths and weaknesses, external threats and opportunities (often called a SWOT analysis), your mission, plus your goals and objectives, and the actionable steps you can take to reach them.

Strategic planning is sometimes seen as an "ivory tower" process - a consultant comes into your business, does surveys, talks to you, and then goes off and develops a plan in isolation. This can result in a plan that's difficult to implement or that doesn't fit you and your business. Not with us! We work with you to facilitate your plan's development. The advantage to this is three-fold: we conduct the SWOT analysis with you, combining our bigger picture knowledge of the external environment with your knowledge of your business and industry; we don't spend a lot of time learning things about your business and industry you already know; and you have direct input into your recommendations.

Planning that works, to put you in control.

To learn more about how we can work with you to develop a strategic plan that works, please contact us for an initial (free) consultation.