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Bank of Nova Scotia Business Plan

ScotiaBank has upgraded their business planning package. If you downloaded the earlier version, you should return to their site (link below) and get this new version. It has been greatly improved!

The Bank of Nova Scotia has developed and distributes a great business planning package. This is excellent free software takes a question and answer approach to the process, and guides you through a complete business plan. It even includes spreadsheets. When you have completed it, you can import the files into your word processor and spreadsheet program for fine-tuning.

If you are at all interested in getting a business plan together, this is the best package we have found to do it. And, for those of you not from the Great White North, it is not especially biased towards Canada, so you can use it internationally.

Click here to download the software. This page also features a discussion of the planning process and its benefits. The program requires at least Windows 98 or higher and Microsoft Word 98 or higher to run.


Association Concepts Inc.

Association Concepts is an association management firm (a company that provides management and office staff for small and medium sized associations that can't justify hiring full-time staff), but they have some information that is applicable to small and mid-sized firms. Some of it applies to a Board of Directors. Specifically, they have documents on Board evaluation, financial literacy for Directors (but useful for business owners as well), orientation for new Directors, and risk management. To see what they have to offer, please visit their Resources page.